We’re a Perth band releasing a new track on the last day of each month. We’ve released 5 albums to date, played countless gigs and jammed the odd hustle when we were pushing back the hunger or the thirst. We watch the world turn and try to describe the burn, the outcome, the truth or at least our version of it. Our music is melodic and our intent is original – we are neither young nor pretty and we couldn’t do it all again – the first time is always for keeps, the second time is for the boys in the bar calling for one more story, one more drink and once more into the breach we go.

The Date, 2020 … and beyond.

2020’s album is ‘Dating’ and it celebrates the various forms of one on one interaction between two people. Harmonious, complicated, interrelated – the songs reflect the life we live, what ever we can remember and the pieces we pick up through observing society and the way it changes the relationships between the people who make up the numbers. Humour, adventure and division – humanity will never love each other as much as it loves itself … but then again, there is certainly nothing wrong with that as an outcome … is there?

Now back to us – tell the world a little about yourself they say – the shorter, the better:



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Dating – Why Wouldn’t You?